Marriage & Children

People marry, share good and bad times, have a family, begin to fight, and as they age they have less of Intimacy towards each other & one fine day -they even start to feel alone despite them being in-person with their respective partners. This may be our fault but sometime it is the planetary positions of one of the partner or both which may lead to certain circumstances bringing highs and lows in your marital life. If they impact negatively than this beautiful relation start getting Shrivel.

Now, are these some of the issues that you are facing?

  • Ignoring Boundaries
  • Fights regarding responsibility towards kids or indulging your kids in personal fights.
  • Overly busy schedules 
  • Poor Communication 
  • Financial Stress leading to deteriorating relation.
  • Psychological &behavioral problems
  • Divorce/ separation

Or one more common concern is if you want to enter into the new phase of your marital life i.e. stepping towards planning your family and feels any difficulty like:

  • Difficulty in conceiving
  • Repetitive miscarriages

Than definitely you should consult an astrological platform before stepping towards a decision.

Horoscope is an interpretation of lifeline of an individual.
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