Shukra-Chandra Yuti

Nov 13, 2021 | by Vaibhav Vyas

Here, as per Vedic Astrology, we tried to summarize various effects of Venus Moon Conjunction or Shukra Chandra yuti in Lagna and Navamsa chart of both male and female horoscope.

This Planet Moon Venus Conjunction which is frequent occurring conjunctions in planetary association. Since both being fast moving planets where Venus take 23 days-2 months almost to pass a sign while Moon is fastest resides 2.5 almost in a zodiac sign. Moon is almost direct in motion whereas Venus goes retrograde in couple of years.

Venus being Demon Guru has primary significations for relationship, love, romance, luxury, comforts, vehicles, sexuality, glamour, grandeur, dance, music, enjoyments, fertility, marriage, etc. whilst Moon being Queen carries significations for emotions, mood, flow of thoughts, sensitivity, mother, happiness, water, milk, sleep etc.

As per permanent relationship Moon has no enemy but Venus has enmity with Moon. Thus this relation has somewhat twisting manifestations rather than direct one which depends on other many factors such as sign, house, degree, strength, who is in degrees ahead etc. Here we are summarizing generalized result which are observed in the natives having Venus & Moon conjunction in horoscope.

Effects of Venus Moon Conjunction

Man and woman having Moon Venus Conjunction will be romantic by nature, loves to listen music, inclination towards, dance, performing arts, inclined towards glamour, perfect appearance etc. Seeking mental and physical comforts and pleasures.
Male natives are having more of the feminine blend in behavior, activities, day to day business, sensitivity until unless any male planet is involved by aspect association, sign is there in conjunction.
Persons having Moon Venus Conjunction in horoscope are good at sale and purchase of cloths. They may be generally clever at trade and merchandise but will be evil minded. Success and growth in sales profession / career depends on many other factors like houses, despositor, nakshatra, strength of Moon and Venus etc
In general, these males and females will loves to put on nice cloths, perfumes, accessories, takes more time in decking up. This combination is good for getting gains from mother. Craving for homely peace & constant happiness will always be most sought by the native.

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These natives start looking for the relationship from early age, they really feel fulfilled after being in relationship otherwise emptiness will be felt constantly in other words they always want to be in relationship.
Love for cleanliness & orderliness in day to day activity will be high in this conjunction people. Laziness or lethargy is also hurdle in the native’s growth.
This Moon Venus conjunction is nice in 1st house, 4th house,7th house,10th house, gives more of material pleasures, vehicles etc. In 12th house also is good for earning through foreign lands. In 5th house , 9th house  also this combination is good but seen to give more of female issues than male.
Natives with Venus Moon conjunction are very thoughtful and careful for their relationship, tendency of possessiveness is also very prominent in them. Relationship are driven by thoughts and mood rather than persistent mutual understanding & reality.

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Self-chosen partner or love marriage tendency will be high in the native with Venus & moon conjunction. This is not invariable but if Navamsa also promises then certainly. If this conjunction is afflicted by malefics then multiple relationships at early age and unstable marital life is also seen.
Since both Moon & Venus are feminine in nature hence native will have good support & mutual affection with mother and motherly figures or better should females of the home. In experience it is seen that they get very well with anyone who are having feminine touch or good sense for relationship, showing affection and feel nourished after meeting them.
As told already that Venus Moon Conjunction native’s relations are mood driven thus if any person criticizes or behave not as per their wish then they will not tolerate and get hurt easily.

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Venus Moon conjunction are very good at creative and imaginative works such as animations, designing, gaming, performing artists, etc. sometimes in our across instances where this conjunction are god at nursing, healing , medicine etc. because of healing characteristic of Venus.

Above results of  Moon Venus Conjunction are general in nature varies from horoscope to horoscope, results also depends on other factors also such as house, degree, involvement of Jupiter and benefics, ashtakvarga points, navamsa etc.,though results intensity may vary but intention remains the same.

General Remedies

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