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Remember, during the evolution of human kind, people across the globe identified celestial objects with the gods and took their movements across the sky as prophecies of what was to come. Well, today we have coined a term for it, and we call this as astrology.

As per our understanding we find ourselves and our view of the world synced with the stars. Scientific discovery has proven that the basic elements that we find in stars, are also the elements that make up our bodies. 

Hence, it further deepens the connection between us and the cosmos. This connection not just touches our lives but also inspires us, which is why the beautiful images of astronomy are still very popular in today’s culture.

At Vaibhav Vyas's abode we aim to deal more kindly with one another, preserve and cherish the true potential that each and every human can achieve and hence we welcome you to our abode.

Astrology is a great science, which is being followed from the era of Gods.
Vaibhav Vyas

Vaibhav vyas belongs to renowned astrological family of jodhpur. With his interest and intrinsic approach, he is continuing family legacy. From his formative age, he has acquired knowledge of Mantra, Astrological predictions , karma kand and Vedic shastra. After completing his conventional education he moves towards this nobel profession. He observes the nature of society and dives into this profession, from last several years he is devoting all his time to Astrology.

His positive attitude gives a new life to many people who speaks with him. In his words Astrology is the conversation between two souls. It’s impossible to go back and change the past but our positive efforts and good surroundings can easily change our future.

Acharya Anand Vyas

Astrology and Indian Jyotish is a beautiful combination that holds the potential to make an unconventional and drastic change in the happenings of the future. Jyotish Acharya Anand Vyas Ji has spent almost three golden decades of his life in empowering his mind and soul with the divine power of astrology and Jyotish. It’s been almost 35 years that he has been progressing in the area of astrology. He has influenced n number of souls with his exceptional cognizance and experience. His devotion towards embracing individuals and their lives with happiness keeps him going. Anand Vyas Ji has drawn almost 5000 hand-made birth charts and has given the horoscope to an uncountable number of people, which has helped them grow immensely and gracefully.

Along with this, Vyas Ji has also written some books that have pondered the limelight on the hidden and unknown aspects in the science of astrology. Every other day, some of the other newspapers and magazines publish articles and spread Anand Vyas Ji’s voice and thoughts over society. The followers keep on coming to perceive the fruitful guidance. People speak out their hearts and seek his optimistic approach to resolving the day to day life issues through his experience and repository of knowledge.

‘Graha Nakshtra’ daily predictions got air with the collaboration of Radio city 91.1 FM (Jagran group) in the various cities of India.

Our Vision

Our vision is to clear unresolved queries of your life with astrological facts and help you realize your mission and true purpose towards your life. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to stay focused towards our vision, so that you can achieve your mission and not be in the inter-mission of your life.

Join the journey with us.



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