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Horoscope is nothing but an illustration of the positioning of stars, aspects, and planets on an individual’s birth chart and their postures in the dedicated houses. It talks about the conditions and affecting factors in one’s life on the basis of his/her birth chart or natal chart. An astrologer put-forth his/her utmost effort to create a horoscope for someone; which undertakes influential cognizance in astrology as well as limitless experience in the process. An astrologer never makes any statement in the air, he/she always has got some legs into it, as they share their honest opinion about one’s life with the full-fledged application of repository of knowledge.
Today is an era of digitalization and we all believe in digital outputs and equipment; as we consider that the results are machine calculated and it can never go wrong . But, technology can’t be a boon in all the cases, and definitely not in the case of astrology. Computer-aided birth charts or natal charts do not carry or reflect the same intensity and accuracy, as that of the hand-made horoscopes or birth charts. A computer is a man-made machine and it has been designed by a human brain. The computer can’t really get into the shoes of an astrologer and write a birth chart for someone. It can just deliver the output on the basis of some basic feed which had been added at the time of making the software compatible.
NOTE:- This Service is available only in Hindi Language.

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