Handmade Janam Kundali

Life would be so easy and perpetually composed if we could know what is going to happen next! Well, as we all know, future is never a part of today or yesterday; it can only be experienced when the clock ticks the right second! But, with the grace of God and with the legacy of our cognizant ancestors there is science defined in the name of Astrology that can help you to govern the path of life to unleash your desired destiny; probably in the accurate span of limited time that you are going to spend on this planet! Life is a one-way road and there is no way back; so, if we are going to live once then why not with the desired virtues and aspirations? Astrology is a science which has been there for an ago and which we are experiencing for centuries; right from the era of Gods. Future prediction is nothing but a brief illustration of time, aspects, incidents and happenings that you may deal or may face in the coming breaths of your life.

Horoscope is an interpretation of lifeline of an individual; which is obtained on the basis of the positions of 9 planets, 27 stars and 12 emotions on the birth chart. A birth chart can be termed as a replication of future of an individual, that summarizes the events, happenings, and incidents which the person will experience in the coming time of future. These stars and planets are very far away from earth; but, have an active impact on our today and tomorrow as well as an invisible but formidable connection with us and our time on earth. Belief is the key to future predictions and they work as stepping stones while pioneering the purpose of life!

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