About Graha Nakshtra

Astrology is a great science, which is being followed from the era of Gods. The right direction and advice from the right source of knowledge can make the life way better, way more successful and sophisticated. Astrology and Indian Jyotish is a beautiful combination that holds the potential to make an unconventional and drastic change in the happenings of future.

Jyotish Acharya Aanand Vyas Ji has spent almost three golden decades of his life in empowering his mind and soul with the divine power of astrology and Jyotish. It’s been almost 35 years that he has been progressing in the area of astrology. He has influenced n number of soul’s with his exceptional cognizance and experience. His devotion towards embracing individuals and their lives with happiness keeps him going. Acharya Ji has drawn almost 5000 hand-made birth charts and has given the horoscope to an uncountable number of people, which has helped them grow immensely and gracefully.

Along with this, Acharya Ji has also written some books that have pondered limelight on the hidden and unknown aspects in the science of astrology. Every other day, some or the other newspaper and magazines publish articles and spread Acharya Ji’s voice and thoughts over the society. The followers keep on coming to perceive the fruitful guidance. People speak out their hearts and seek his optimistic approach to resolving the day to day life issues through his experience and repository of knowledge.

This fascinating portal is established just to educate people and create an awareness about the potential of astrology and science. What difference can a little change in perspective make? The answers will be simplified and justified through this portal. Problems related to a fumbling relationship, a derailing business or job, domestic issues, tensions in the family would be resolved on a click. Come and embrace your future!

Vaibhav vyas belongs to renowned astrological family of jodhpur. With his interest and intrinsic approach, he is continuing family legacy. From his formative age, he has acquired knowledge of Mantra, Astrological predictions , karma kand and Vedic shastra. After completing his conventional education he moves towards this nobel profession. He observes the nature of society and dives into this profession, from last several years he is devoting all his time to Astrology.

His father Sh. Anand Vyas made it very easy for him to dive into the ocean of astrology and discover many secrets and remedies. Which he is share with you on YouTube channel & other social media platforms.  His Daily predictions got air with the collaboration of Radio city 91.1 FM (Jagran group) in the various cities of India. His positive attitude gives a new life to many people who speaks with him. In his words Astrology is the conversation between two souls. It’s impossible to go back and change the past but our positive efforts and good surroundings can easily change our future.

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